Red Hand Slap-2 Player Reaction Game

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Description of Red Hand Slap-2 Player Reaction Game

** Challenge your friends to a game of classic fast reaction game – hand slapping! Red hands game may be as old as time, but is simple, fun and challenging all at the same time! Download **Red Hand Slap-2 Player Reaction Game** free and get slapping!

** Looking for competitive games for friends to play? Well, this hot hands app might be one of the best two player games on the same device! Easy two player games are a fantastic way to kill time and replace classic board games with free mobile games that you can play anywhere, anytime! If you're a fan of games that improve reaction time, you'll love our hand slapping extravaganza! You search for fun games to play when you're bored is over now that **Red Hand Slap-2 Player Reaction Game** is here!


** Fantastic graphics and intuitive gameplay!

** Play against a friend or against AI!

** Choose among different hands – normal human hand, zombie, animals and more!

** Win mega cool power-ups:

- Double tap – win two points for one single hand slap!

- Minus one – take away one point from your opponent!

- Shackle – you opponent can't move their hand for one slap!

** Quick and casual games


! **

** Red Hand Slap-2 Player Reaction Game ** is a fun game for two players that you can play with a friend or against the computer! Whatever game option you choose, one thing is guaranteed with our quick reaction games: you’ll have a great time slapping your opponent and improving your own reaction time in this fast reflex game!

** Prove you’re the fastest hand slapper and set the highest score! Combat can begin – brace yourself and tap on the screen just at the right second to slap your opponent, or pull back your hand if it’s their turn!

** Red hands is a fun fast reaction game to play in real life, but this virtual version allows you to train your reflexes without feeling pain! Another advantage is that you can also play alone, against the computer, if there’s no one around! Whether you play one player or two players version, you won’t be able to stop slapping hands once you start!

** Test your fast fingers with the ultimate reaction time game! If you want to play two player games on the same device, choose that option and play against friends or family! If you want to test your slapping skills against artificial intelligence, play versus computer!

** Red Hand Slap-2 Player Reaction Game ** will be your favorite of all exciting games with 2 players. It’s an interesting game for boys and girls, very exciting and addictive. Casual games offline provide entertainment wherever you are – all you need is your phone and hand slapping competition can begin! Be the best hand slapper and the master of red hands games – start your training today!

** The most competitive two player games are the simplest ones – a good game of red hands or hand slap is funny and a real challenge for your reflexes! If you’re on the hunt for offline casual games for free, this red hands 1 and 2 player games is perfect for you!

** It is time to get the hand slapping party started! Download ** Red Hand Slap-2 Player Reaction Game ** and enjoy casual games that can be played without internet connection!

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